Black Panther - Threat by Human

Black panthers, like all members of their species, have no greater enemy in nature than human beings. Farmers kill them with poison and traps.  Hunters kill them for adventure and for their beautiful pelts. (See the picture at the bottom of this page.)

Human beings are moving into areas where traditionally have been natural habitats and communities for wildlife animals.  With more and more land used for farming and ranching, black panthers have fewer places to live and have more trouble finding their natural prey.  As a result, they sometimes attack livestock or even people.  If this happens, farmers kill black panthers by poisoning, trapping, or shooting.  Normally, black panthers help limit wild pig and baboon numbers.  When black panthers are killed off, the number of pigs and baboons increases.  These wild creatures often do more harm to farm and livestock than black panthers.

People also hunt black panthers for adventure and sport.  Hunting leopards is thought to be more exciting than hunting tigers or lions because leopards are stealthier and can provide greater challenge to hunters.  The black panther has developed skills to protect itself from hunters.  It will not return to a kill if it senses the presence of a hunter.  If it does return, it hides in a bush and waits, watching and listening for hours before approaching the kill.  A wounded black panther does not make a sound.  It stays hidden, suffering in silence.

The fashion market causes great damage to leopards.  This market drives the price of leopard's fur sky high in the fur trades because the pelts are beautiful and rare.  Even though more than a hundred countries have signed treaties to prevent trade of endangered animal skins, but poachers still kill leopards for big profits.  Luckily, black panthers have suffered less damage from fur trade than their light-colored cousins because their pelts are not in such high demand as the latter’s.

See also threat from environment.
Endangered Black Panther
People are killing leopards for their beautiful furs.
Leopard Furs
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