Black Panther Sightings

Black panthers are rarely spotted by people.  They try to avoid people as much as possible.  Their sharp ears, nose and eyes help them vanish before being approached by people.  Still, we have received numerous reports about sightings of black panthers or big black cats.  Here are just a few of them.  If you or somebody you know see a big black cat and you think it is likely a black panther, please share your experience here.  You can send information through our contact form.

Submitted by Andrew Lloyd from UK

Black Panther spotted at 12.00 am 31/12/07 on the Droitwitch Road nr Bradley Green (Worcestershire County) England, I saw the creature while driving along, it turned in the road and I couldnt identify it as it was not similar in movement to anything I have seen before. I slowed down as I drove closer it stood by the side of the road turned stared at toward the vehicle and opened its mouth. It was around two foot to at shoulder length had fangs green eyes and large tongue. It was incredible.

Submitted by Bonnie Harris from USA:

I have seen a black panther (not to close) on two separate occasions in north carolina, specifically in Zebulon. I would like to know is it at all possible? I was pretty freaked out--I am a pet sitter and take walks in the dense woods. The cat I just saw was not afraid of the doberman(100+lbs) or me, it just layed there watching.

Submitted by Jennifer Rodgers from USA:

I live in FL and I saw a big black cat in my back yard...I live int the went out with my camera and tried to take some pics of it...I was about 100 ft away from it...the photos are not that clear but I did zoom in...I am sending both...can u please help me figure out what type of cat this is...I am from here and I have never seen one....I hope u can help me...I can only send 1 pic...if u need more...just email me.

Submitted by Reese Lapka from USA:

I live in Hendersonville NC. There was a reported sighting of a black panther comming from my property crossing over to another property populated with Horses. The next morning there was a baby colt killed and the hind quarters half eaten. Is it possible that here in NC we have a black panther? I have three young children, should I be concerned for thier saftey? Please let me know what you can.

Submitted by Dennis L. Jewell from USA:

I live in Southeastern Virginia, Sussex County.  The closest small town is 7 miles from me.  I was about a mile from my home around 1 a.m when I came upon 2 black panthers on a bank along side the narrow road leading to my house.  They were not startled.  They slowly crept off into the woods.  My guess is that they are a mating pair.

Submitted by Gina Bennett from USA:

Spotted a panther in lake co. IL. March 8th around 7:15am on route 22 going east. It past in front of my car, it was cat like and black. It was too fast and I lost track of it in the woods. I did have another person who was with me.

Submitted by Sandra Dobbins from USA:

Could it be possible for a black panther to be living in N. Central Alabama? My husband and I have seen one or seen something that looks to be a black cat two different times. At first we thought it was a black dog, we weren't sure. second sighting it crossed the road in front of us and was moving way too fast for a dog or other animal.  Large wooded area with no houses around is where this animal is living.
A Black Panther
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