Black Panther Paw

Black panthers have large and powerful paws.  Soft pads and fur between their toes help them to walk silently when they stalk prey.  Their sharp claws come in handy for climbing trees and for hunting.
Like most other cats, black panthersí have retractable claws.  When the animals walk and run, they retract or pull in their claws to keep them sharp.  When they stalk their prey, black panthers also retract their claws to silence their movements.  When they get close enough to their prey and ready to pounce, the black panthers extend their claws.  A black leopard strangles its prey by grabbing the victim at the throat with its powerful paws with sharp claws.  A black jaguar sometimes kills smaller prey simply by slapping a victimís head hard with a front paw.  This action is often enough to break the victimís skull.  Black panthers can also capture prey, such as fish in streams with their paws. 

Other than walking and running, black panthersí paws are deadly weapons for prey.  As stealthy animals, black panthers keep out of sight and are rarely seen in the wild.  A black pantherís paw print or track is one sign of its presence.

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