Black Panther Movie

What We Want, What We Believe: The Black Panther Party Library

This is a 4-DVD collection of over twelve hours of rare footage documenting the Black Panther movement. Contents include films taken by Newsreel film collective, interviews with Field Marshall Donald Cox, footage from the 35th Anniversary Reunion, interviews with former FBI agents, footage from the Wheelock Academic Conference on the Black Panther Party, interviews with various movement lawyers discussing Panther cases, interviews with Newsreel members, DVD-ROM documents from the Roz Payne "Archives chronicling the movement and repression against it, and more. Though unquestionably sympathetic to the Panthers' perspective, What We Want, What We Believe contains a great wealth of invaluable historic footage and is therefore especially recommended for college library DVD collections.
A Walking Black Panther
Passin' It On - The Black Panthers' Search for Justice

A gritty and soulful classic film, PASSINí IT ON is the story of one man in search of justice who is wronged by the nation with which he is at odds. Part indictment, part redemption tale, the film offers startling insight into the role of the Black Panther Party in a social revolution, and the New York Police Department and the FBIís devious targeting of one of the organizationís most fervent leaders--Dhoruba Bin Wahad (born Richard Moore). Emerging from the Bronx ghettoes and a life of petty crime, Dhoruba dived headfirst into the Black Power movement, serving breakfast to school children with one hand while wielding a gun with the other. Amid a national program of FBI-led appression against the Panthers, Dhoruba was framed on the flimsy evidence of the wounding and grotesque disfigurement of two police officers and sent to prison. After trials and mistrails, incarceration and eventual acquittal 19 years later, a still-impassioned Dhoruba, with attorneys, and other Panthers finally tell this incredible tale of race, revolution, and redemption. "
Panther (1995)

Panther explains the building foundations for the corruptness of the government and the silencing of the Black Panther Party. This movie places great emphasis of how our cultural world exploits, degrades, and humiliates the AFRICAN-AMERICAN people, through the eyes of the government. Panther is one of many movies that should be viewed, shared and remembered. All characters protrayed in this movies have done an outstanding job bringing the best and the worst of the BLACK PANTHER organization. Explaining in format through scenes, of how the infiltration, conspiracys, and the lynching of the urban world continued to grow.....Once again, PANTHER is a movie to remember.

The problem is that this movie is kind of expensive.
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