Black Panther Hunting Skills

Black panthers distinguish themselves by an unmatched ability and intelligence displayed in their hunting skills.  They are successful hunters and easily adapt to diverse environments and various circumstances.
Most black panthers hunt at night.  They are masters of concealment and use every available rock, bush, or depression to hide themselves and get as close as possible to their prey.  As they wait, they are silent and cautious.  They sit perfectly still and blend in well with the background.  When they stalk their prey, they walk silently and creep very close to them.  As soon as they get close enough to their prey, they dash forward, leap on top of them, and grab the victim with their front paws.  A black panther may also hide among tree leaves on a tree branch and drop down on top of the prey when they pass by.  A black panther kills the victim by a single but fatal bite to the neck with its powerful jaws or by strangling the victim with its paws. 

Black panthers are smaller members in the big cat family; however, they can kill some prey bigger and heavier than themselves, such as young giraffes and antelopes.  Furthermore, they can carry prey up to twice their weight to the nearest hiding place and often lift it up a tree where the meal is devoured without any threat from other predators on the ground.  This is an amazing feat.  Why do black panthers have such superior hunting skills?

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Black Panther Hunting Skills
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