Black Panther Food

What do black panthers eat?  Black panthers are carnivores, or meat eaters.  Black panthers’ food includes just about anything that moves as long as the prey are not too big or too strong for them to tackle. 

Medium-sized mammals make up most of their diet in the wild. Deer, warthogs, monkeys, antelopes, gazelles, wild goats, etc. - all can be their meal.  They also eat birds, reptiles, hyraxes, baboons, frogs, fish, rabbits, rats, etc.  They supplement their meaty diet with grass, eggs, and fruit occasionally.

Black panthers are able to adapt well to new environment or various circumstances.  When necessary, they replace one kind of prey with another.  In the case of a shortage of wild animals because of climate or natural reasons, they may take livestock or pets from a nearby farm or village.  Dogs are often targets of black panthers because they tend to wander alone and are easy to catch for this big cat.  Black panthers take goats, sheep or pigs as well. 

In the case of extreme food shortage, a black panther may feed on human flesh.  A wounded or ill black panther may also become a man eater because human beings are not strong enough to protect themselves unless man-made weapons are handy.  This sounds scary but, man-eating black panthers are extremely rare.  More often, they become the victims of people instead.  As a matter of fact, normally healthy black panthers try to avoid people as much as possible.  In general, black panthers have no problems getting their food because they are skillful hunters.

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Black Panther Food
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