Black Panther Classification - Broad View

The word panther is used differently in different geographic areas.  In North America, the cougar is called panther; in Latin American, the word panther is most often used for the Jaguar.  In most of the other part of world, the word panther refers to the leopard.

In cryptozoology, the mysterious Black panther is loosely used for any type of big cat with a black coat.  Some of them are just reported sightings or pictures without close examination or confirmation by scientists or researchers.  Other than the most commonly accepted black panthers; that is, black leopards and black jaguars, people also use the term black panther for all alike all-black versions of a cat species such as the cougar, puma, tiger, bobcat, lynx, jaguarundi, or even a suspected prehistoric survivor the cave lion.

Black cougars:  Confirmed black cougars are extremely rare, and all of them so far have had white stomachs.
Puma: legendary mountain lions throughout North and South America.  Some use the word puma for cougars. 
Jaguarundi: There are some reports about black panthers being seen in parts Texas and Florida.  They might be a type of South America cat known as the jaguarundi.
Black tigers: the darkest confirmed black tigers still have orange stripes.  Big black cats are reported to have been seen in Brazil, Bolivia, and Peru.  People call them black tigers, jaguaretes, and yana pumas.

See also common definition and strict definition.
A Walking Black Panther
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