Black Panther Adaptations

Other than the superior intelligence and tree-climbing skills displayed in its hunting activities, a black panther has some unique adaptations and features to help it achieve its hunting tasks.
Black panthers are not the biggest cats, however, they have well-built muscular bodies, powerful jaws, and long and sharp canine teeth.  They are superb athletes of the animal kingdom.  These make them extraordinary fighters and warriors in the wild.
The dark coat color of black panthers certainly camouflages them well at night or in dimly lit forest areas.
When they stalk their prey, black panthers retract their claws to silence their movements.  When they get close enough to their prey and ready to spring, they extend their claws.
Black panthers have long and sensitive whiskers, which can help them feel their way through thick undergrowth in the dark.
Black panthers also have a keen sense of smell and exceptional hearing.  They can locate prey without seeing them.
Black panthers are nocturnal predators.  Nocturnal animals tend to have proportionally bigger eyes than diurnal animals and human beings do.  They also tend to have pupils that open more widely in low light.  Their superb night vision allows them to stalk their prey in the middle of the night.

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Black Panther Adaptations
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Black Panther
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