Black Panther Cubs - Baby Panthers and Beyond

Two to three weeks after birth, baby panthers are able to move around the den.  Mother and cubs often greet each other by rubbing faces or bodies.  When the cubs get a little older, they playfully tumble and fight whenever they get a chance. 

If their mother is at home, the cubs may be allowed to stray away from home to nearby fields.  They spend most of their time hiding out nearby, crouching motionless, camouflaged amongst the bushes, trees.  If the mother has to leave home to hunt for food, the little panther cubs are not allowed to venture out of the den, no matter how hungry they are. 

Black panther cubs can follow their mother on hunting trips when they are just about two to three months old.  They begin to eat meat then.  Already they are starting to pick up hunting skills they need the most in the wildlife from their mothers.  They learn how to hide and avoid from enemies and how to stalk and catch small prey such as grasshoppers and lizards and, later, mice, rats, and so forth.  To protect themselves from predators, black panther cubs develop excellent tree-climbing skills at an early age.  The mother has to keep an eye on them all the time during this period of time.

Life Cycle of a Black Panther:

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A Black Panther Cub at Play
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